The most exciting room in the house, bright stimulating décor is what most people desire for their kid’s bedrooms and playrooms. Wool rugs specifically designed for children is one of the best and cheapest ways to brighten up your child’s space. Good childrens rugs are designed for play and education. Wool rugs provide a beautiful soft touch that children love and cherish.

Wool rugs provide a good choice for children rooms because they are hardwearing and easily cleaned.  They also add beauty comfort and enjoyment to any room.  Wool rugs are much safer in a kid’s room than synthetic rugs as they are flame resistant.  Wool rugs are so durable they will last for many years and so with good care and maintenance could easily be passed down to siblings or from generation to generation.

Studies have shown that exposing children to an artistic environment is great for the development a child. Parents wanting to create this kind of an environment for their children should look for wool rugs designed specifically with children in mind as they are generally brighter with more interesting shapes and designs than those designed for the adults. Nowadays wool rugs for children can be purchased in designs featuring farm animals, dollhouses, Bob the Builder, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank fire engines, brightly coloured play villages, and many more.

Kids wool rugs are becoming increasingly popular, adorned with the alphabet, word maps, colour or number charts or the ever-popular hopscotch and snakes and ladders games. This isn’t forced learning my any means this is passive learning were children are surrounded by educational tools without ever knowing it which helps familiarise them with the worlds of language, geography and numbers. These rugs are particularly useful for kids with learning difficulties as stimulation is often key to their development.

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