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There are two main reasons that rugs shed. The main reason is due to the quality of the fibre used in the rug. This is not only related to sheepskin but also faux sheepskin rugs. Another reason for shedding is how the rug is made.  Although shedding is completely normal with most new rugs whether real sheepskin or not.  

A real wool rug seems to shed more than synthetic as the manufacturing cost is very high. The manufacturers try to keep production costs down to compete for lower markets therefore cutting back on manufacturing costs. To have excellent wool that has been through the correct processes would dramatically increase the price of the rug.  

Most rugs are either hand-knotted or  hand-tufted. Hand-knotted shed less due to the way the way they are constructed.  Each pile is knotted securely into the base with no room to move however hand-tufted do not offer the same security. This makes it easier for the pile to get pulled out which creates shedding. 

A few ways to reduce shedding are:

  • Hoover you rug daily for the first ten days. Ensure that the height of the head of the hoover is set at the highest as if the suction is too high as it might damage the rug. Take your time and don’t rush.
  • Wipe your shoes before entering the room as sand and stones front the bottom of your shoes act like sandpaper which breaks the pile and causes more shedding. 
  • After the initial hovering period hoover your rug twice a week.

Don’t let shedding put you off buying a sheepskin rug as there are so many good qualities to having one and when looked after can last for many years.

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