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Using pads under oriental rugs can prevent sliding and prolong the life of both your rug and the floor on which it is placed. They will do this by cushioning hard floor surfaces and they will also provide comfort under foot. You need decide if you will need rug pads under your foot. A simple rule of thumb is; if your rug is heavy and thick then it probably won’t need rug pads. A thin soft rug will probably need some form of rug pad. It is also prudent to use rug pads on older rugs, rugs that have been rewoven or patched or rugs that have a weakened foundation.

A pad will increase the life of your rug but whether or not you want to use one is a personal choice entirely for you. The choice depends upon your preference for how the rug feels under your foot and how your rug reacts to being walked upon. If you do decide to use a rug pad it should be around an inch smaller (not including the fringe) than the rug all the way around so that the pad cannot be seen beneath the rug.

Pads are normally made from one of rubber, felt, polyester or one of a number of other synthetic foams. For many years now we have recommended pads for large rugs made from polyester felt around 3/8” thick. Polyester rug pads are quite dense and are made to be mechanically very strong. I have seen rubber pads crack and crumble around the edges over time. On occasion I have also heard of rubber pads becoming gummy and sticking to older uneven flooring.

Many of the synthetic urethane foam pads seem to soft and lightweight to provide a reasonable level of support for your rug. We would strongly recommend polyester pads around 3/8”(1cm) in depth and of good quality. Good rug pads will last for many years and can be reused.
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