Flying clothes moths won’t eat your rug but the females do lay hundreds of eggs. These eggs hatch into larvae that consume wool, fur, silk fibres and feather. Moths and their larvae thrive in dark, undisturbed areas where rugs aren’t often vacuumed and get very little traffic.

A bad infestation can lead to a cobweb-like veil in the area of the damage. You will also find fine sand like debris. Infestations are very rarely over just one rug. It will very often have spread from woollens or furs hanging in a wardrobe or in a drawer. A rug damaged by moths is not complicated but reweaving a large area of the rug can be expensive.

There are a few signs you need to look for when looking for the presence of moths:
•    Flying Moths (Tineola Bisselliella) – is the culprit for almost all infestations. Its around 3/8” long or even smaller. It is usually silvery tan or beige brown in colour. This moth flies slowly but with a rapid flutter of small wings. If you try to capture one in the air it has a special trick of closing its wings and instantly falling to the floor.
•    Bare Spots In Your Rug – Moth larvae will often prefer the taste of one colour over another and so you may well see missing spots in one colour but not another.
•    Webs – often only present with a very bad infestation you will see white gossamer filaments covering a patch of the rugs pile.
•    Larvae In The Pile – they will be thin, white, worm-like moth larvae about 3/8” long can sometimes be seen just after hatching and before they constructed cocoons. It is the larvae that will actually eat the wool.
•    Sand Like Particles – This material in the rug is often tan or brown in colour, granular in shape is the excretion of the larvae.
•    Loose Pile – If your rug has finished shedding its initial pile of those first few months and it starts again. You may find the loose pile has tiny little teeth marks at one side.

Carpet Beetles aren’t the same as moths but they can do a lot of the same damage. Their larvae also cause the damage. They are 1/8” Long, dark brown or brown-black insect. Beetle damage is not normally as severe nor as messy as moth damage and the strategies used to prevent moth damage will also prevent beetle damage.

Rug damage

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