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As runner rugs have become more commonly available over the past 15 years they have become more and more common in the home. Originally designed for use in hallways and on staircases many consumers are finding many other previously unthought-of uses for these long narrow rugs. Firstly, runner rugs are rugs that are more than twice as long as they are wide. Here are some of the many uses that we have found people are now using their runner rug for.

Everyone knows that runner rugs are fantastic for bringing a hallway together and adding a splash of colour to an often forgotten area of the home. However, there are a whole host of other applications. Runners are now being used in galley kitchens and along the sink and worktop area of the main kitchen area. This use has developed as long narrow rugs have become available with a non-slip rubber back and an easy clean pile. These rugs will save wear and tear in the kitchen floor and will also provide a softer surface, which is especially important if your standing in 1 position for more than 4 minutes like when cooking or baking.

As bathrooms have become larger many bathrooms have benefited from having runner rugs placed in front of the vanity unit which has now become a double his & hers setup. Again rubber back non-slip runners are important and a soft shaggy pile has proved most popular with bare feet all over the world. Many of these rugs are now also available in machine washable format which makes life even easier.

Wooden floors continue to grow in popularity and what started in the kitchen, dining area and hall has spread to all areas of the home and now wooden floors can be found in any modern bedroom. They look fresh and bright and are easy to cleanreduce dust and allergies. However, when your 6:30am alarm goes the only thing you can think of is how cold your bloody feet are on this new wooden floor. Typical 6ft runner rugs will fit perfectly down each side of the bed and this will solve the problem of the cold floors while at the same time showing off your fantastic new wooden flooring.

Entry ways traditionally have a mat on the inside of the door to wipe dirty boots on but this is being done away with in many homes in favour of runner rugs with a scraper pile that provides at least 6 steps of cleaning that will give hugely enhanced protection to the rest of your home, office or business.

Runner rugs are now available in almost every type of machine made rug that can be found so don’t be afraid to enquiresize variations as runners are often not on display either online or in store but may be available in stock. and can about other

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