Rugs are a great quick, cheap way to update your home. However, why restrict rugs to just being on the floor, why not consider hanging a rug on your wall as wall art?

Many people have pictures, paintings and photographs on their walls but hanging a rug will really make a statement in your home.

Rugs as wall art is something that has been done for centuries, initially used as a way of insulating homes, now it is a huge craze in America and set to be just as big in the UK!

When choosing what type of rug to display it is important to consider the overall feel of the room. This will determine what type of rug to display. Popular choices are silk rugs. The advantage of a silk rug is that it is light and easy to hang. However heavier wool rugs are also popular and can really add warmth to room. Alternatively, a modern design such as an Eiffel Tower or London Underground themed rug is a change from the usual photographs many display in their homes.

There is no hard and fast rule for what size of rug to display on your wall, it is important to consider what else is on the walls. It is best to pick a wall with nothing else displayed and have a rug as a centre piece. A wall that has other pictures/photographs displayed will detract attention from the rug. A large rug against a neutral wall usually has the best affect and has the added benefit of adding insulation, a great idea for trying to block out noisy neighbours!!

When hanging your rug consider what height to display it. As a general rule you will want it at eye level where it can easily be viewed by admiring guests! If it is going behind a sofa allow at least 4-8 inches from the top of the sofa to the bottom of the rug. The space above should always be bigger than the space below the rug.

When hanging the rug it is essential to be very careful as you don’t want to damage the rug. This is particularly important when working with fragile silk rugs. Often the best way to hang the art is to sew hooks into the back of the rug and then attach to tacks or hooks on the wall. For very light rugs, small key rings sewn onto the back of the rug can be effective.

For heavier rugs hooks should not be used as the weight of the rug won’t be distributed evenly. The most common way is to use velcro. A strip of velcro can be sewn into the back of the rug, then the stiff matching Velcro strip is glued or stapled on to a wooden board, the width of the painting to be displayed. This wooden board is then put onto the wall (wherever studs are on the wall) and then the rug is simply pressed into place.

Transforming a room can be just as easy as hanging a rug on the wall!!

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