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Every little girl dreams of being a princess or a ballerina! While you may not be able to fulfil this wish for your child why not transform your little girl’s room into a girly haven!

It is cheap and easy to make a room girly. If you are thinking pink you have the right idea!

Firstly, a good start is to paint the room. A benefit of painting opposed to wallpapering is that it takes a lot less time and  is more cost efficient as it does not require a professional! Simply someone with a good eye and a steady hand! Paint in itself is cheaper than wall paper. Also in a child’s room it is more practical as painted walls can always be wiped clean and in a few years it is easy to freshen the room up with another coat of paint.

There are lots of shades of pinks to consider. From baby pinks to bright fuchsia and magenta pinks. Most good paint shops will be able to offer small samples so that you can find the perfect shade. In general a darker pink is a more practical colour and also won’t date as your child grows up!

The next step is choosing the accessories for the room. These do not have to be expensive. With high street stores such as Primark having extensive home wear departments, cushions, throws, bedding etc can be picked up very cheaply. In a kids room it is nice to have different textures so think about having a fluffy pink throw against a floral linen bed spread!

Lighting in the room is very important. A great tip for transforming a room into a girly room is to use fairy lights as opposed to lamps. These can be wrapped around the headboard of the bed or draped over a mirror etc.

To finish of the room a girly rug is the perfect item. There are many kids rugs to choose from, from dolls house rugs to girly butterfly designs. Other kids rugs are even educational for your child, for example letters and pictures rugs and rugs displaying the seasons. A kids rug is an excellent investment as it can provide hours of entertainment as well as adding to the decor of the room.

When looking for a kids rugs consider how it can be cleaned. Many kids rugs are machine washable now making them very practical. Further, the backing of the rug is important, a non- slip backing will add peace of mind that your child wont slip on the mat. Particularly important if it is being placed over carpet.

Make your little girls dreams come true and transform the bedroom into a Princess room in a few simple steps!

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