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Rug points illustrate the machine woven quality of rugs. Like all industries there has been huge advancements made in the production of rugs due to the development of hi-tech looms that can improve weaving with the use of more colours at a higher definition and with more detail. 

These weaving machines now produce rugs with extremely high densities that could have only been obtained through hand made rugs with high knot counts a few years ago. Rug points are today equivalent for knot counts in the hand made rugs prevalent a few years ago. The higher points a rug has the better the quality the rug should be. Today customer typically want a rug with 1,000,000 points per square metre and here at The Rug House we advise that those looking for a high quality rug with the best definition should look for a rug with a 1 million points to 2 million points. It is important to remember that rug points relate to density and so as the rug point count gets higher the rug will get denser and therefore harder underfoot as there is less movement in the pile as it is more densely compacted. 

High count rugs 1,500,000 and up are great for high traffic areas such as hallways, under dining tables and stairways as these rugs will stand up to a lot of wear and still look great. Many people looking for a rug however prefer something which is soft underfoot and to feel but still have high quality with top class definition and colour, in these cases we at The Rug House recommend customers look for rugs around 1,000,000 points as these rugs don’t have an overly tight pile and so are soft but still have colour and design clarity.

Rugs, which have lower points counts usually ranging from 200,000 to 900,000, are still popular in the market especially in recessionary times as they are much cheaper to purchase and usually feel much softer. As weaving even further it will soon be possible to produce low point count cheap rugs with high definition techniques improve designs and colours at  prices. 

There will of course always be demand for high-density wool rgs with high point counts and as this market increases and more rug manufactures enter the marketplace the price of these high quality rugs will be reduced meaning more customers can benefit.

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