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“Cheap everything” are the new buzzwords over the past two years as everyone’s finances take a hammering.  Rug retailers now provide a larger range than ever of economy range cheap rugs that look great. Most people associate cheap rugs with poor quality rugs but this does not have to be the case. Today manufacturers can dramatically cut costs by shaving a few inches off standard sized rugs that the eye would never notice but the purse will.

Look out for this when buying a rug as it is becoming more common for more unusual sizes to be categorised broadly under one heading. This is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you are not wedded solely to a particular size as it means you still get the same textile quality and sharp designs and colour only minus a few centimetres at each side. But this is only one option when looking for a cheap rug.

If you require a larger size rug but need to cut the costs of the rug then look for man-made synthetic fibre rugs such as viscose, polypropylene or nylon. With advances in technology today many of these man-made fibres offer wonderful alternatives for the traditional wool rugs and silk rugs for a fraction of the cost. Machine made rugs are not only cheap rugs but also have other advantages such as they are generally easier to clean and maintain and come in a wider range of colours and designs as the fibres are easily manipulated and dyed. Granted the quality may not be quite as good as wool or silk rugs but these cheap rugs present better value as their quality is more than acceptable.

If design and colour are your main concern when looking for a cheap rug then fear not most of the economy ranges available today offer near perfect imitations of the much featured rugs available online. While the sharpness of these colours and designs may not be perfect they certainly will be acceptable to most of us seeking cheap rugs.

Cheap rugs are ideal for those of you keen on changing your interiors often as it means you don’t feel bad when your rug gets recycled to the garage or cut up for dog beds and it means that if you do strike out and go for a colourful designed rug that you get sick of looking at (it happens) then you can replace it. Cheap rugs are ideal for use in front of the fireplace, especially if the fire gets lit as sparks burning the rug will not be so heart breaking as purchasing a new one will not break the bank.

When looking online for cheap rugs check the website for a search by price option and search that way (it means that you won’t be disappointed having to look through wide ranges of rugs you can’t afford.)  Don’t be afraid of cheap rugs, advances in technology means that today a wide range of rugs are available at inexpensive prices.
Take a moment to check out our rugs for sale and filter through our range to find your perfect rug. We have a collection of sizes, styles and colours for you to choose from ranging from coloured large rugs to small runner rugs.

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