There are a lot of new styles and trends for rugs in 2012. You will find that both the traditional area rugs as well as your contemporary rugs are going to be a very trendy style this year. Other factors to look out for if you plan on purchasing a new rug in 2012 will be the many different types of patterns that will be available. You will have abstract patterns, organic patterns, ethnic patterns or elements as some in the rug industry might describe, as well as stripes. You will also find that many contemporary rugs will have different sets of configurations which will probably intrigue a lot of home decorators and interior designers for 2012.

Other types of configurations will be the usual diamonds and vines which is always going to be found in your traditional rugs which is a great look for just about every room in one’s home. You will probably find that many rug company’s while be trying to stay on trend for 2012 with bright, vibrant colours such as gold, indigo, purples, pinks, blues, violets, just about every colour in the rainbow and beyond as a new, younger audience will be targeted also.
new rug 2012