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Teal Rugs   

Teal is the new chocolate brown or Duck Egg Blue of the 2008/2009 season.  Look around your local interiors shop and you will see teal curtains, teal cushions, teal bedding, teal blinds, teal towels and now rugs are getting in on the act too.

Many people would consider teal too strong a colour to use solidly in furnishings but teal is beautiful striking colour and really enhances minimalist interior decors especially cream and white walls. Teal rugs with their turquoise highlights and deep aqua green tones can add a serene quality to a room that can create a cosy warm feeling or if used to off-set bright white walls can create a cool calm space for relaxing.

If block teal rugs would be too much for your interior decor scheme then try a patterned rug which incorporates teal. The best patterned teal rug incorporates warm tones such as black or brown to create a striking bold patterned rug for your floor.  If you want to incorporate a teal rug in a bright cool room then go for a mix of teal with ivory cream or white for a bright fresh looking rug. Teal rugs look great in country floral rug patterns; bold block striped patterned rugs, Aztec designed rugs or modernistic design teal rugs.

Teal rugs don’t have to be limited to the living room or bedroom; they make a fantastic colour for bathroom rugs particularly a shaggy bath mat. Most often it is a mix of various shades of teal from the deep aquatic tones to the paler blue green mixes of teal that are combined to make a scrumptious teal bathroom rug. Look out for machine washable bathroom mat, non-slip bathroom mat sets as these usually provide the best value rugs for bathrooms.

Like all fashions it takes a while for a new colour to be incorporated into all the designs and types of rugs but at this stage of the 2009 home fashion calendar you can now get teal coloured shaggy rugs, synthetic rugs, non-slip teal rugs, teal bathroom rugs, round teal rugs, large teal rugs and wool dyed teal rugs in a wide variety of modern teal and traditional teal rug designs.

If you love to be ahead of the fashionistas and strike out from the norm why not look online for bold colour mixes in rugs using teal. Some of the bolder colour mixes available on the internet include teal and fuchsia pink rugs or teal and Ferrari red shaggy rugs. If matching the colour of your rug with the surroundings or longevity of the rug are not issues be bold and try something different that will stand out in your home. Teal rugs are set to hang around for the 2010 season at least and who knows they could become a staple of the rug industry.

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