Is big always better?

Is big always better? This is the fundamental question when trying to find a rug for our homes! When we are trying to choose the perfect rug for our homes one of the most influential factors is the size. Colour and style are secondary compared to the importance of size. Is big better? Is it more aesthetically pleasing to cover almost the whole floor or just a small proportion?

Firstly, it is important to consider the size and shape of your room. The best thing to do is simply measure your room, don’t rely on guesswork as estimates are usually not even close! Once you have your room measured you will have a better idea of what size of rug you may opt for.

Next it is important to consider what other furniture is in the room. The dining room for example – Do you want the chairs on the rug or off the rug completely? If on the rug it is important to allow surplus room for the chairs when pushed out.

If it is a big rug for a living room it is important to measure the space between the sofa and chairs and to decide if you want the rug to sit underneath the sofa legs or do you want the rug as a centerpiece between the seated areas.

Or is the rug for the bedroom? If so do you want a rug ate each side of the bed or one huge rug under the bed? A bedroom often looks best with two rugs at each side of the bed and then a third rug at the end of the bed. A runner rug is sometimes the best option for beside the bed as these are usually long and narrow or they can be cut to measure and can be as big or small as you require.

There seems to be a lot to consider but once these questions are answered it is easier to decide whether to go for a big rug or a small rug. The most important thing is that the room looks balanced.

After you have decided the size of your rug it is a lot easier to find exactly what you are looking for. With a size to go on, most online sites offer the option of narrowing your search down so you can just view rugs in your chosen size instead of having to trawl through rugs that won’t suit! Why do the work when we can do it for you!

Big or small? There is no simple answer.  With rugs now available in extra-large sizes there is no constraint on how big to go. Personally I think a big rug will always make a statement. Why have a small rug when you can have a big one?! A large rug can make a room look tidier and pulled together especially if it appears as a center piece or even under a table. If it is a large room it is important to leave at least 20 inches exposed, as covering the entire space can actually make the room look smaller. On the other side, a small room needs much less left uncovered, 10inches is plenty and this will allow the allusion of a bigger room. If you are trying to make your room look bigger another hint is to have a large mirror which will reflect light back into the room and give the illusion of more space.

So is big always better- I think so!

large area rug