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Hall Runner Rugs

Runner rugs have become more popular in recent years with the advent of wooden and laminate floors. Wood and tile floors are fantastic but some times they need an injection of colour or design and a long hall rug is the perfect way to do this. Runner rugs can transform a hallway in a matter of moments. The hall of a home or business is the main artery of the building and is the only room used by all members of the family on a daily basis but yet they are often the forgotten space when it comes to interior decorating with drab walls and bad lighting. Hall ways offer great potential for creating something striking as although they are used daily you very rarely sit down and relax in you hall and so a striking design will not become tiresome very quickly.

Runner rugs also add a touch of comfort to hallways and are perfect for softening the space connecting bedrooms to bathrooms where bare feet most often walk. Runner rugs are available in a wide range of widths and lengths from the short gap fillers approx. 100cm long to super long 14ft runners. Many retailers also stock a range of cut to measure runners and stair carpet rolls which can be cut to any length and so are great for extra long halls. Hall runner rugs generally range from between 50cm to 90cm and so there are many suitable runner rugs for narrow and wide hall runners.

Non-slip hall runners are ideal for homes with children, the elderly and pets as normal rugs are likely to slide especially with kids and dogs running around. Ideally look for a rubber backed hall runner for hard floors but don’t worry if you have spotted your ideal hall runner and it is not anti-slip as there is a wide range of non-slip products such as anti-creep sprays and rug fleece which will stop your hall runner form sliding.

Most rug manufactures produce hall runner rugs of their most popular rugs meaning you can match up rugs if you have a square or rectangle landing or entrance hallway combined with a narrow hall. If there are no hall runner options for the rug you are looking for then pick the most prominent solid colour in the rug and you are sure to find the perfect plain hall runner to match in with the rug.

Just like regular area rugs, runners are available in a wide range of textiles from wool and silk to man made imitations and nylon and polypropylene. Jute style rugs are perfect for high traffic halls as they are hardwearing. A good idea for hallways linking bedrooms is the softer options of shaggy hall runners and sheepskin runner rugs.

Handmade runner rugs usually hand knotted and originating from the Middle East offer a great quality of rug for the hall and although they are often more expensive these rugs are a great piece to hand on to future generations. If you want something more affordable that you can change often then look for a machine made rug that are available in a huge range of colours, sizes and designs.

Hall runner rugs have a vast many uses so whether it is to brighten up a drab hallway or simply to protect the carpet or wood floor underneath a runner rug is likely to fit into your interior-decorating scheme. And why not try something different like placing a hall runner horizontally in front of a patio or sliding door to add a quirky twist to the room. Whatever type of look you are aiming for from the classic country floral to the abstract art deco modernist there will be a runner rug to meet your needs.

Runner rug for hall

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