Have you heard of upcyclying? Nope, well, me either until I was getting a new chest of drawers. I was leaving my old one to the local charity shop and I was told that the furniture such as tables and chairs are selling like hotcakes. People are now getting older pieces of furniture and ‘upcycling’ them!

Well it seems like we’ll soon be taking tips from our grandparents and older relatives. They were very resourceful and it was just second nature to make do and mend. Over the years this mantra has been well and truly trampled over. Our grandparents even mended their socks- now that’s dedication! I’m not suggesting going that far but there are many objects around the house that we can revamp without throwing it out or wasting money on a new item.

If you’re up for a big challenge try restoring old wooden chairs or wardrobes (obviously make sure it’s not antique or it will lessen the value) . To do this you will have to:

  • Remove the old finish- paint strippers will remove most paint but stains will have to be sanded of.
  • If there’s still any deep scratches fill them in with wood putty and leave overnight to dry.
  • See if any parts or joints are loose and if so glue them
  • The chair is now ready for you to finish with paint or stain. Why not be daring try teal with cream on design areas or vice versa

For those a little less adventurous you can easily customise smaller items such as cushions. Try pleating, putting spare lace and odd buttons on them. Same with mirrors- sticking beads, badges, old necklaces, small kinder surprise toys or bits you’ve gathered up can look lovely. Another easy trick that can transform any room is laying down a nice thick rug.

Some of the nicest effects can come from the simplest material that we often throw out: Glass. Older family members will have vintage bottles. Use old glass bottle as vases and fill them with flowers. Using different types and colours for the mood you’re in but often a flower in a glass bottle gives a lovely romantic whimsy feeling.

Once you have ‘upcylcled’ till you can ‘upcycle’ no more why not choose a nice simple thick rug to finish of your project. Obviously choose a nice neutral colour to show off you ‘new’ items.

At the moment high end designers are embracing the idea of recycling so have a go you’ll be better than you think and you may even surprise yourself!!!

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