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Dark, sultry, evocative and dominant. All words that could be used to describe Christian Grey the protagonist of the highly acclaimed E.L James’s novel Fifty Shades of Grey, the most talked about novel since Harry Potter!

Fifty Shades of Grey is the one thing that everyone is talking about this summer. Love it or hate it, Fifty Shades of Grey has became a national phenomena.

The main setting of the book is the home of Mr Grey. His home is very much described as minimalist. The minimalist look is very easy to create and is one of the cleanest looks for our homes. Simply keep everything fuss free. The key thing is there should be no clutter on display! Only the essentials should be visible. Minimalist furniture, and one or two accent items as centre pieces such a rug or a painting/picture on the wall. Invest in wicker baskets to store newspapers/magazines and other knick knaks. A minimalist home is not only more ascetically pleasing it is much easier to clean!

Why not keep in theme with the book and add a grey rug! With so many shades of grey there is sure to be one to suit every home. Just like Mr Grey, grey rugs can be powerful evocative and dominant in any room in the home!

Interior decorators love mixing greys as there is simply so many tints and shades and unlike other colours grey goes with just about everything! Grey isn’t as harsh as black but still holds the same timeless elegance. A grey rug will never go out of fashion and suits every season.

When choosing what shade there is a few factors to consider. If the rest of the room is quite bright a dark grey can tone down the brightness. Grey is a dominant colour (perhaps the inspiration behind Christian Grey’s name!) especially charcoal and slate grey shades.  However, there are lighter grey shades such as ash grey or silver grey can add colour to the room. These lighter colours are more innocent and add a sense of tranquillity and serenity to a room. A great thing about a grey rug is that it could suit any room in the home! So if in time you decide to change the decor in a room it can still be used! Bedrooms, studies, kids rooms, conservatories, even kitchens would all look great with a grey rug!

The texture of rug is also important to consider. Shaggy grey rugs are very popular and add instant richness to a room. However it is important to realise that with shaggy rugs the colour will very much change depending on the lightening on the room. A more modern twist would be to opt for a grey rug with a design through it. There is plenty of floral and striped designs to choose from.

So why not join in the fifty shades phenomena and update your home with a minimalist look adding in that splash of grey!

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