Does the ends of your rug Curl up? So Annoying not to mention dangerous! 

When you get a new rug it is very common that it needs flattened. Sometimes it can be a difficult task. The Reason is that the fibres in the rolled rugs conforms  to that shape. This cannot be helped as rolling the rug is the most efficient way of delivery especially to prevent damages to the rug. 

You may find that it needs flatten or the edges are curling up- the edges curling can also be a problem with older rugs too.
To fix this:

Firstly, roll the rug in the opposite way that it was rolled. Keep the rug like this for around a day. This may work depending on the rug thickness etc. When rolling it out smooth as you go and do it on a flat floor

If this doesn’t work turn the rug pattern side down any corners that are tucked in turn them towards yourself

Still curling then spray  with water- only a mist do not soak it- lay a white cloth over the edge and with your iron on the lowest settings glide the iron over it

Finally if all else fails lay a heavy object such as a box on the curling edge and leave is at least overnight.
Hopefully you will now have a nice smooth flat rug with no edges curled up!!!


prevent rug curl

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