Imitation Sheepskin Rugs

Unlike most traditional rugs which are rectangle or circular sheepskin rugs are shaped as a series of oval shapes grouped together ranging from a single pelt shape similar to the size of a fireside accent rug right through to double, triple and up to octo sheepskin rugs. These shapes are fantastic for someone who is looking for something a little different for their interior space especially if you are looking to update a tired hallway, as the long interlocking oval nature of a sheepskin hall runner will look wonderful.  Genuine sheepskin rugs have a typical pile height of between 5cm and 10cm.

Sheepskin rugs have inherently unique patterns due to the nature of the sheep wool used but it is becoming more common for some manufacturers to carefully dye the sheep wool in order to create patterns and colours removed from the traditional white, cream and beige sheepskin rugs. These new sheepskin rug colours include greens, blues, terracotta’s and pinks which all work well due to wools readiness when it comes to being dyed.

While no synthetic rug can truly encapsulate a genuine sheepskin rug there are many many alternatives that are fantastic imitations for a fraction of the cost. The imitation sheepskin rugs also have advantages beyond the cheap price including the ability to create them in a variety of different shapes from rectangles to heat shaped sheepskin rugs and half-moon and circular shaped sheepskin rugs. Sheepskin style rugs can also be created in a variety of colours from Barbie pink to tangerine orange and also in variety of designs including bunny rabbits and footballs, which are perfect for a child’s room.

While it is hard to replace the unique advantages of a genuine sheepskin rug that offers luscious textures and long lasting beauty, today’s modern imitations offer the next best thing for a much cheaper price and are definitely worth considering, as they will add a classic feeling of cosiness and brighten up any room in your home or business.

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