Originally considered to be ‘THE’ only rug to have due to its durability, texture and softness. They have earned this reputation in their own right. The softness of the rugs comes from the process of dying and washing.

There are so many wool rugs to choose from. They can be used to create a tremendous diversity of effects from plain to elegant. They come in several different sizes just like most rugs. With over 150 varieties of wool they all have different properties. The two most popular woollen rugs are Persian and New Zealand.

Wool rugs can be used for an eye catching centre piece. You could choose a modern design for a cool funky twist on any room. You could pick crazy colours bright red and cream to liven up the tone of your home. Just as you could also choose a nice plain clam rug to soothe and tone down the room.

They look great in any room of any size.  Coloured or un-dyed rugs are not evenly textured as different sizes of twine- leaving a dappled effect. This can easily be seen with the naked eye and is a sign of good quality.

With the growing demand for cheap wool rugs most are hand tufted and easily available. Moreover, since the latest trends call for bright colours and funky design they are readily available in multiple patterns.

All in all wool rugs are a class of their own. The feel of luxurious wool under foot is a joy to feel. You will always appreciate the physical and aesthetic pleasure to be gained from owning a wool rug. Enjoy shopping for your wool rug!!!


chic wool rug


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