All kinds of minor mishaps can befall your rugs. I have listed a few of the more common ones below and the best way to deal with them. If you have some questions or solutions of your own please give me an email and I will happily add them to our Rug Care information section.

Dog Chews – Puppies tend to chew on rugs as their teeth begin to grow. Obviously the best way to prevent this is to train your dog but if that’s not going well there is something you can do. Sometimes sprinkling an ounce of moth flakes underrug around the edges will help pups to keep their distance from the rug.

Cat Scratching – Cats that haven’t been de-clawed can do catastrophic damage to a rug if they habitually sharpen their claws on your rug. Again good training is preferable but if that hasn’t been developed yet there is another option that’s also a little but of fun. Get a water pistol toy and squirt the cat when you see it start to sharpen its claws. This will condition your cat to avoid the rug.

Chemical Damage – Its an old trick of some rug cleaners is to bleach the cotton fringes on the edge of a rug that has been left in for cleaning. The theory being that if the edges look brighter then the whole rug looks cleaner.  Unfortunately, chlorine based bleach weakens natural fibre over time. Many rugs end up with a ‘dead fringe’ where the fringes have been so bleached that a simple tug on the fringe will tear away small tufts. If your fringes must be snow-white use a dilute bleach solution and be sue to rinse the fringe very thoroughly.

Sun Damage – The vast majority of rugs are resistant to even reasonably regular exposure to sunlight. Ultravioletlightpowerful force of nature and even the best rugs will fade if used for years in a very sunny area. Consider using light sheep drapes to block direct sunlight and try to turn the rug 180° once a year to try and even out colour changes. The wear and tear of the will be reduced with good Rug Care.

Rug care advice

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