You have spent time and money looking for a rug you-want to keep it as long as possible. Rug materials can vary greatly – depending on the material you need to take special care when cleaning to prevent damage.  You will find the sisal rugs withstand in a heavy traffic area. To make a rug last it needs to be treated well.

Care must be taken when cleaning to prevent damage. Here are some basic tips for taking care of your rug:

•    Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
•    Padding helps prevent slipping and reduced wear and tear
•    Clean spills straight away to avoid damage
•    Rotate your rug every 6 months
•    Consider moving rug from one room to another
•    Hoover at least twice a week
•    Always adhere to manufacturers care instructions

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are buying a rug:

•    Lay rugs on smooth surfaces
•    Always cut loose tufts never pull by hand
•    Have tear repaired by a professional
•    Be aware with thick pile a lot of fluff will be produced for the first few cleans
•    It is important to clean deep into your rug as small stones and grit wear away at the rug

Caring for your rug also involves keeping a good quality doormat at your front and back door. This stops dirt from being carried into the house. Some people keep a shoe mat at the door and ask family etc. to take shoes off.

To reduce indentation marks from furniture move it every so often. To get the indented part to spring back dab an ice cube on it.
When cleaning your carpet yourself the most common mistakes are: over shampooing and using too much water.

*Don’t forget* Rotate your rugs twice a year to even out the effects of the sun and uneven wear. Depending on the trafficgoing into the room it may need to be rotated more often. It is recommended that you should rotate it 180 degrees. It may be an idea to swap your rugs to different rooms which can give your rug a new lease of life and also rejuvenate the room. You will find that sisal rugs are great to give your house a cheap modern update.

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