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Rubber mats or Dust Control Mats are one of the most durable types of flooring available today. Modern technology has helped to create modern barrier mats that are extremely durable and absorbent, & these dust control mats will still look good in your home, office or shop. Not only do rubber barrier mats look good but also they are easy to install and maintain. Here are some of the many benefits of dust control mats:

  • Dust control mats absorb large amounts of noise and vibration particularly in large rooms or commercial spaces.
  • The nature of the dimpled rubber backing on these dust control mats makes them one of the most naturally slip resistant mats available today.
  • The rubber trim on dust control mats means that corners do not curl up and they won’t impede the progress of prams or wheelchairs.
  • Its soft resilient properties make it comfortable to stand on for long periods and the tensile strength of these dust control mats means they will last this constant wear.
  • Dust control mats are easy to clean and maintain, as they can be machine washed or hosed down. For specific information about washable rugs check our product pages.
  • Dust control rubber mats are extremely resistant to stains, oil, water, cigarette burns and chemical spills. This means the floor beneath will always be protected from these sometimes-nasty spills.
  • Almost all dust control mats are made from recycled rubber making them environmentally friendly.
  • Dust control mats have a low emissions output compared to other specialised flooring as they don’t need to be installed with glue and they don’t need to be chemically cleaned.

All of these points mean that dust control mats have gone from being a strictly commercial matting product 15 years ago to now being in almost every home and office in the country.

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