The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet season is well and truly in full swing!

Now that the Cannes Festival 2011 is a wrap we know that this year as usual fashionistas brought glamour to the Red Carpet! Gwen Stefani rocked in her glitzy Black jumpsuit and WOW did you see Uma Thurman- the gown -the colour- all I can say … Amazing!!!

Moving on to the MTV Movie awards –Twilight Saga wins best Movie. Twilight stole the show- Although who could blame them – AMAZING- and swoon Taylor and Robert….…

Well as we can’t all live the high life why not have awards ceremony in the comfort of your own home!!  Grab all your friends and plan a fantastic night in!

To re-create your own red carpet night you’ll need:

•    Decorations:  Balloons, streamers, table cloths, disposable plates hang things from the ceiling- it’s easy to make your own crafts but remember to keep them all colour coordinated
•    Hollywood Touches: put nibbles in glittery hats, confetti and glitter on tables, toy lipsticks and feather boas
•    Paparazzi: allocate this job to different people throughout the night. Make Scrapbook for you and your friends for a keepsake.
•    Most importantly- a red carpet- Ideally for this a red carpet runner is best but if your budget  wont stretch put a line of red beach towels down

Hmmm now what to wear. It’s all about showing of Glitz and Glam- OTT Dresses, Jewellery, Hair and Make-up. More importantly have fun it’s your night wear what you want!!!!

           Be the star of your own red carpet!!!!!!!!

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