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Cotton bathroom rugs are a fairly durable but will eventually succumb to effects of constant moisture without proper drying, as the cotton fibres will slowly begin to disintegrate.

Bamboo bathroom mats are solid, flat and thin. Bamboo is a flexible and long lasting material making them suitable for bathroom use but can be a bit hard on bare feet.

Chenille Bathroom mats usually takes the form of Acrylic, Rayon, Nylon and most often Polypropylene. Definitely the most common materials used in bathroom rugs today due to the many advantages created through man-made fibres. 

Acrylic – fine, soft and luxurious. The fabric is lightweight, quick drying, moisture absorbing rugs, non-allergenic and washable making it the perfect bathroom rug material.

Nylon – Strong but lightweight, smooth and quick drying, dirt and chemical resistant – nylon is a very effective material choice for your bathroom rug.

Polypropylene – The same qualities as Nylon and Acrylic and highly colourfast making the ideal bathroom rug material.

Rugs not really designed for the bathroom include silk, wool and jute style rugs all of which can be used in a bathroom if the proper care is taken. If these rugs are not properly washed and dried out there is always the danger that will be moisture damaged beyond use. This may not be an issue if you intend to replace the rug regularly.

Cleaning your bathroom mats
Most bathroom specific rugs are machine washable rugs making them super easy to look after and keep looking at there best. Stain removal products can be used on most washable rugs but they should not be washed with items of clothing. The rugs whether machine washable or not should be well dried out as often as possible. Always check the washing instructions that come with the rug (usually on the label on the underside of the rug). White rugs can be brought back to life with a small amount of non-chlorine bleach.

Key Points to Remember

  • Machine Washable Bathroom Rugs are a great long-term investment
  • Non-slip backing is a must for tiles and other hard-flooring especially for children and the elderly
  • Colourfast polypropylene is ideal for rugs subjected to a lot of moisture
  • High Pile fluffy bathroom rugs are really comfy underfoot but take longer to dry out than there shorter piled    counterparts 

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Bathroom shaggy rug

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