Bathroom mats take on many different forms but it is important to know some information about the material before you decide to purchase a rug for your bathroom. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to purchasing a bathroom rug but points to consider:

–    How wet does your bathroom get?
–    Is there good ventilation in the bathroom?
–    How often will the rug come into direct contact with water (wet feet etc…)?
–    Is it a soft fluffy rug you would like or something to absorb the water?

There are many rugs designed specifically for bathrooms but you do not have to confine yourself solely to these rugs, there are other rugs that will be just as effective if you know what to look for.

Bathroom Rug designs

Typically plain bath mats, in muted shades of cream, pink blue or green and made from polypropylene or polypropylene chenille. These materials make great bathroom rugs because they are not as vulnerable to water damage as wool or silk. Generally speaking these rugs are not expensive ranging from £6 to £20. There are however ranges of bathroom rugs available costing £20 or more. These ranges tend to be made from a higher quality material with denser, softer piles and often with more vivid colours. Rugs designed specifically for bathroom use tend to have a rubber non-slip backing making them ideal for tiles and wooden floors. Non-slip washable rugs are vital for bathrooms, especially for children and the elderly.

Bath mats can be various sizes ranging from 40cm x 60cm ideal for en-suite rugs or toilet rooms to 80cm x 150cm which are perfect for the centre of a family sized bathroom. Of course the traditional bath sets, which are usually 2-piecesmall rectangle rug) or 3-piece bath sets (including toilet cover) are as popular as ever and are available in a wide variety of colours from pastel pink to striking black bathroom rugs and in a wide variety of designsshower mats to sea shell oyster pedestal rugs. Ideally look for a machine washable Bathroom mats at 30 degrees celsius, this way they will keep looking, feeling and smelling like new bath sets. This should also help the bathroom rugs last longer. (pedestal mat and from giant feet

Bathroom Rugs are essential for most bathrooms due to the dangerous combination of tiled floors and water. Most Bath Sets are machine washable rugs and have non-slip rubber backing. Pink Bath Sets, Blue Shower Rugs, Green Cream Bathroom Rugs, Black Bathsets, Seaside bath mat, oyster designs, 2 piece bath sets, 3 piece bath mat set, pedestal rug and sink mats are all available for your bathroom online.

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