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6 Effective Ways to use a Sheepskin

1) Create the perfect garden party; add sheepskins to your seating for a touch of hygge cozy comfort.

2) Add interest to you dining room seating by draping sheepskins in your chairs.

3) A sheep skin is the perfect bed for your cat or dog, the natural smell makes it appealing an welcoming to your pet and the natural wool fiber is perfect for regulating their temperature as it stays cool in the summer and warm in winter and most importantly it is machine washable.

4) Drape a sheepskin over a chair in your little ones bedroom to create the perfect cozy chair to nurse them to sleep and read bedtime stories.

5)Layer your rugs, just like with hide, using a sheepskin rug is a more subtle way to add texture. Sheepskin’s small and classic style helps create a subtle and chic look

6) Use it as a throw. The soft throw allows the single colour of the sofa to be broken up whilst also adding to textured warmth to the room, it can also be used as a super soft and warm blanket in the winter

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